Funded Research and Projects


Silver Carp Genetics Study: Identifying Target Spawning Populations Through Genomic Analysis for Directed Management


Water Sampling in the Mississippi River Basin to Inform Calcified Structure Chemistry Studies on Fishes

Mississippi River Basin Water Sr:Ca, Ba:Ca, and Stable Oxygen Isotope Data:


Final Report on Development of ECOSTAR(TM) Rating System for Live Nonnative Species in Trade

Qualitative Interviews of Practitioners of Buddhist Life Release Rituals Residing in the United States: Implications for Reducing Invasion Risk


Live Aquatic Bait Pathway Analysis: State of the Live Bait Industry and its Laws, Regulations and Policies in the Mississippi River Basin


Investigation of the Edwards Protocol’s Effectiveness on Dreissenid Mussel Veligers


Evaluation of Chemical Control for Nonnative Crayfish at a Warm-water Fish Production Hatchery


Validation of eDNA Markers for New Zealand Mudsnail Surveillance and Initial eDNA Monitoring at Mississippi River Basin Sites


The Use of Grass Carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) in the United States: Production, Triploid Certification, Shipping, Regulation, and Stocking Recommendations for Reducing Spread Throughout the United States


A Model Rapid Response Plan for Aquatic Invasive Species

Rapid Response Protocols for Aquatic Invasive Fish


Aquatic Invasive Species Table Top Exercise After Action Report