The MRBP Prevention and Control Committee

The responsibilities of this committee are as follows:


  • Prioritize ANS introduced within MRB for prevention, containment, and control
  • Facilitate development and implementation of ¬†rapid response plans for MRB invasions
  • Identify integrated pest management for priority ANS within MRB
  • Facilitate early detection and monitoring for ANS within MRB
  • Provide information and recommendations to ANSTF and MRB members
  • Support actions to prevent new introductions of ANS
  • Recommend improvements to state and federal ANS regulations

Identify important pathways to ANS  introductions

For more information on actions and goals of this committee with regard to the listed responsibility please see our Original Committee Charge.

Projects, Proposals and Resources:

Live bait pathways report June 2019

Dry Fire Hydrants and Aquatic Nuisance Species

Edwards protocol Dreissenid veligers Report

ANS Harvest Recommendation

Allert et al. 2017 Evaluation crayfish chemical control fish hatcheries

Rapid Response Plan Module for Invasive Plants: A National Early Detection Rapid Response for Invasive Plants and Hydrilla verticillata Early Detection Rapid Response Plan

Best Management Practices for Lake Service Providers: Lake Service Provider Training Manual