Request for Proposal

Administrative Support Partnership



I.   Introduction

The purpose of this Mississippi River Basin Panel on aquatic nuisance species (MRBP) request for proposals is to develop and implement a partnership to provide administrative support to the MRBP. The targeted funding amount is up to $15,000 for one year with the potential for renewal depending on performance and funding availability. The desired initial performance period for this partnership is January 1 – December 31, 2023.

II.  Background

The MRBP consists of representatives from state agencies, federal agencies, academic institutions, and nonprofits that all have an interest in preventing and managing the undesirable impacts of aquatic invasive species. Sufficient administrative support is key to the successful functioning of the MRBP, and the needs of the panel have outgrown the current in-kind support that MRBP host and member organizations can provide. Additional administrative support is needed in order for the MRBP to continue to carry out its mission.

The MRBP hosts one coordination meeting approximately every nine months, quarterly executive committee conference calls, and as-needed committee meetings. It also partners with outside organizations to fund projects to accomplish work plan items. A successful proposal will commit to attending, documenting, and providing general support for all these tasks.

III. Scope and Objectives

Support the function of the MRBP through:

     3.1   Organizing and attending MRBP coordination meetings, which includes
    • Coordinating hotel logistics
    • Securing meeting spaces
    • Securing food and refreshments
    • Organizing travel funding assistance requests
    • Organizing remote meeting logistics
     3.2   Supporting the MBRP executive committee
    • Organizing and disseminating meeting agendas
    • Setting up virtual or in-person meeting space
    • Note taking and circulating meeting minutes
    • Recording and tracking action items
     3.3   Assisting with management of regular MRBP business
    • Maintaining a current MRBP distribution list for email communication
    • Coordinating annual elections
    • Managing and updating website
    • Assisting with development of an annual scope of work, project and budget narratives, and completion of annual financial and progress reports for USFWS grant funding
    • Assisting with management of MRBP coordination with ANSTF
    • Managing votes on MRBP business
     3.4   Project management for the MRBP work plan
    • Assist with development of work plan project proposals, requests for proposals, and financial agreements
    • Support committee chairs on remote meetings to help develop work plan items
    • Track MRBP project progress
    • Work with project leads to encourage work plan progress

IV. Deliverables

  • Meeting notes provided for approval by MRBP executive committee within one week after meeting end
  • Coordination meeting logistics planned and delivered to MRBP members at least 3 months prior to meetings, and agenda delivered to all MRBP members two months prior to the meeting
  • Annual elections administered and results to the MRBP executive committee
  • Six-month interim progress report
  • A final report within one month of project end

We estimate that this work will require about 250 hours, which includes traveling to and attending one in-person (or remote) MRBP panel coordination meeting.

V.  Applications

Proposals must be submitted in digital format (PDF or MSWord) to by 5:00 pm (CST) on July 1, 2022.

Proposals should include:

  1. Cover Page: Provide the name, title, agency/organization, and contact information of the principal investigator.
  2. Project proposal: Include a detailed description of how tasks will be conducted to achieve project objectives and detail the individual’s/organization’s general experience with these types of tasks.
  3. Personnel report: The Recipient shall provide the Mississippi River Basin Panel (MRBP) Project Manager a list of all individuals that will be associated with the project, their qualifications, affiliation, and expected role in the project. Insufficiency as determined by the MRBP Project Manager may lead to immediate contract termination.
  4. Budget and budget justification: A detailed budget summarizing project costs. The budget justification should include a brief summary of your funding needs and a cost analysis for each deliverable identified in the project design. If a portion of this work is to be subcontracted that cost must be identified as “contractual.” Describe resource commitments of in-kind donations, funds, and/or volunteers from other groups.

Suggested line-item categories for proposed budget:

    • Salary
    • Fringe benefits
    • Travel
    • Materials
    • Indirect Costs
  1. Statement of Qualifications: Provide a statement of qualifications, including relevant work experience, for the Principal Investigator, the affiliated agency/organization, and key project staff.

Identify project partners and provide their contact information. Describe the role and qualifications of project partners.

VI. Administration

Funding: The target funding amount is $15,000. Funds will be administered by MRBP and will be awarded as a contract between the Principal Investigator’s institution and MRBP. No more than 75% of the full award will be paid out prior to the submission and acceptance of a final report. Up to 25% of the award can be paid in advance with one additional invoicing opportunity before the completion of the project.

No matching funds or cost sharing arrangements are required, although these are desirable and may be considered in the award process.

  1. Project Duration and Award Period: The project duration will be one year with the possibility of renewal depending upon funding availability.
  2. Technical Questions: Questions concerning this RFP may be directed to Eugene Braig via email at
  3. Selection Process: The MRBP Executive Committee will evaluate, rank, and select a proposal for funding based on the clarity and extent the proposal addresses each of the project objectives. Experience and qualifications of the Principal Investigator, key personnel, and cost-effectiveness will be taken into consideration.
  4. Project Performance and Evaluation: The Recipient will submit a final application that includes a detailed Scope of Work (SOW) and project budget as part of the contracting process and prior to the distribution of any funding.

An MRBP Project Manager will oversee the completion of the project to ensure completion of the project objectives. The Recipient will submit a six-month progress report to MRBP.

The Recipient will provide a final project report within one month of the project end date. The final project report must be approved by MRBP before final payment will be made.

VII. Disclaimer

This Request for Proposal does not commit MRBP to award a contract or pay any costs incurred during the preparation of the proposal or subsequent detailed SOW. MRBP reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for completing this work. MRBP may terminate the project and withhold funding for incomplete work if adequate progress is not made towards completion of all objectives during the project period.